Using A Limo Bus Service In Chicago For A Girls Night Out

Elite Chicago Party Buses

Elite Chicago Party Buses

We all know that Chicago has a lot to offer when it comes to having fun. We might not be a city that is as glamorous as Los Angeles, but we do know how to have a good time. Well me and my girls were thinking about how we can explore this great city in style. We all had cars, but we knew for the activities we were going to be taking part in we were  not going to be in any position to use them. What we were thinking is why not paint the town red in style. Why not decide to use a limo service in Chicago for a wild girls night out.

Now me and my girls knew that going out in a limo was going to be an experience. For the first time it would allow us to feel like some of our favorite celebrities who get to do this all the time. Well we were only going to get to do it for one night, so we wanted to make sure it was going to be a fun experience.

Me and my girls did not have any plans to go to a specific place in Chicago. What we wanted to do was go to different places. We wanted to pull up slowly so people would think we were someone important. We wanted to go to places where we knew there would be a lot of people so that all of the attention could be turned to us when we pulled up. There are hots spots all over this city and we planned on hitting up several of them.

But then we had another idea. What if we decided we would not make it a night think at all? What if we decided that the best way to use a Elite Chicago Limo Party Bus service would be to use it during the day? We could do all sorts of things during the day, plus it gives us a better chance to be seen. We might decide to go to some of the best shopping spots in the city, not to actually buy anything but just look around. We might decide to go to some really trendy restaurants where people might mistake us for being someone rich or famous.

The city of Chicago can be frustrating to drive around in, especially depending on where you are going. This is why me and the girls wanted to use a limo service. We knew that the benefit we would be getting would not just come from being seen in the limo, but from the trouble we would suffer otherwise. Have you ever tried to find a parking space in Chicago in some of the more upscale areas? Do you know how much it can cost to park at some spots? We would avoid all of this by using a limo service in the area.

The bottom line is for us girls, using a limo service in Chicago represents a chance for us to indulge ourselves like we never have before. It is a chance for me and my girlfriends to get together and create some memories. If you want to create some memories, then consider going for a girls night out in an Elite Chicago Limo Party Bus. The experience is great and you and your friends will love feeling like famous people for a few hours. Just make sure you use the right service and that they have a good reputation for taking care of clients. This will prevent problems from happening.


Glass Stain Removal For Party Buses

Although Elite Chicago Limo has been in business for over 10 years now, we had never encountered a more challenging and frustrating problem.  Over the many years of business, our share of customer complaints, mechanical problems, and general service mishaps, all of which were handled in a timely and professional matter.

The aforementioned difficulties were overcome and we survived, but recently, the influx of shuttle and party buses to our fleet has created a problem beyond the scope of our understanding.   About a few months ago, our newest bundle of shuttle bus began showing streaks on the windows.  At first we thought of it as a simple power wash problem that could be easily taken care of with premium washing supplies.

The streaks suddenly became an ongoing problem as we could not simply get rid of them and they kept getting worse.  Before long, wedding parties started to notice them when the party bus would arrive in the broad daylight.  We tried everything from Windex and Rainex to home supplies like Vinegar from YouTube video suggestions.  Nothing seemed to get rid of the streaks and water stains.  We even consulted with the top Chicago glass companies and their best advice to us was applying distilled white Vinegar applied with steel wool.

After nearly a five month long problem, we encountered a solution completely accidentally.  While buffing the black party bus for a Chicago area wedding charter, the mechanic accidentally buffed a large portion of the window.   Instead of scratching the window, the buffing machine left it spotless clean.  It was an instant light bulb and we immediately directed the mechanic to do the same to our white party buses.  The streaks easily came off and the solution was staring at us right in our faces.

If you have encountered a similar problem with your shuttle or party buses, write us an email and we will gladly share our recipe for success.

A Traditional Party Bus No More

Limo Bus Chicago Party BusWhat used to be regarded as the greatest possible transportation expense in Chicago has become ever more affordable. Only a few years ago shuttle buses were more expensive than the most luxurious and “pimped” out party bus today. A party bus that had half the attributes of a converted m1035 shuttle limo bus had a going rate of $300 an hour if not more.

A traditional party bus had bench seating with low back rests, a good sound system, a bathroom, and a few lasers for a lightshow. And not only was that considered an amazing luxury, only a few limo buses were available in Chicago for regular weekend party goers. Attributes like a party strip pole, disco ceilings, tile floors, iPads, and coolers made out of moonlights were unimaginable. But since the most prominent limo and party bus limousine conversion shops have taken over the shuttle bus conversion business, no extra feature appears out of the ordinary anymore.

Chicago limo bus nowadays comes in all shapes and sizes. There is a plethora of buses that are small ten to fifteen passengers vans converted with leather seating. Others convert large coach buses that may seat up to fifty passengers across multiple floors. But the most common limo bus is a GMC or Freightliner up to 30 passenger party vehicle that is perfectly suitable for any sort of conversion. These vehicle types are perfect for any contemporary conversion because of the roomy back and an already built-in steel support for the seating. All it takes to convert one of these shuttle buses is to coat it with plywood for a good foundation and the openness of the space allows for any special attributes to be added.

A disco ceiling, hardwood or tiled floors, and synchronized light shows are relatively easy to compose and build in the mid-size shuttle buses. The traditional seating of a party bus has been thrown out the window and instead, you have curved, multicolor high back, comfortable cushioned seats.